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Host Software

Old Versions



(Firmata is included in Arduino 0012 or later. Use File -> Open -> Examples > Library-Firmata > StandardFirmata for the standard firmware that works with most host implementations)

Latest release (protocol v2.3.6):

Old releases:


PICduino (protocol v0.1):

ARM Cortex-M0

LPC812MiniKit as General Android Peripheral Mini (GAPmini). It has been tested with pyFirmata for (protocol v2.2) as well as extended analog.


This is a listing of web services using Firmata.


People made many custom firmware using Firmata to address specific needs and problems.

  • StandardFirmataV2.0.tar.gz - this firmware is the last StandardFirmata that works on the ATMEGA8 chip. It also uses the old 115200 baud rate rather than the current 57600.
  • DmxSimpleFirmata_v1.tar.gz - this firmware allows you to generate DMX lighting control commands via Firmata
  • Teensy and Teensy++ - StandardFirmata pre-built for Teensy and Teensy++ boards (Firmata at native USB speed, 12 Mbit/sec)
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